NRA CCW for NY Pistol Licensing


UPDATE ON NY Pistol Licensing:

September 1, 2022 is rapidly approaching. The updated NY laws are scheduled to go into effect which includes 16 hours of training, sharing social media info, restrictions on lawful carry and other onerous regulations.

The 16-hour training requirement is for both new license applications and current license holders when they recertify. ABSOLUTELY NO ONE HAS ANY IDEA WHAT THE 16-HOUR TRAINING REQUIREMENT WILL BE!

If you are in a county where you recertify with the NY State Police, try to do so before September 1, 2022, and see if you can get additional time for meeting the training requirement.

If you are planning on filing for a license, do everything you can to submit before September 1, 2022.

If you currently have a license with restrictions and live in a location where you can file to remove them (NYC and Nassau have not been accepting license upgrades), you should immediately file for “FULL CARRY” with your licensing authority.

There is litigation in the Federal Courts. A judge has indicated the intention to take some sort of action before September 1, 2022. We are hopeful that the judge will act in favor of the Second Amendment as recently affirmed in NYSPRA vs Bruen.

Three hour safety class and test to facilitate pistol licensing requirements in NY. No shooting or firearm handling.

Short Description: Teaches the basic knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to carry a concealed pistol for personal defense. The NRA CCW Course is intended for all individuals regardless of previous shooting experience or NRA-affiliation. This instructor-led only course gives you direct instruction from an NRA-certified instructor from beginning to end and may be conducted in a classroom and on a shooting range with an Instructor. 

NRA CCW takes place in a traditional classroom and range environment. This course may be completed in a single day format or over several days with smaller blocks of instruction. More Details: Course topics include: Firearm Safety (Mandatory), Pistol Nomenclature and Selecting a Pistol for Self-Defense, Basic Defensive Pistol Skills, Drawing from Concealment, Loading and Stoppage Remediation, Mindset, Carry Modes and Pistol Concealment, Firearm Cleaning, and Sport Shooting and Training Activities. Course length is determined by the Instructor, to meet your State’s requirements for a CCW permit. Additionally, students may complete live fire training and a nationally standardized shooting qualification while on the range with an NRA Certified Instructor. Students will receive reference books, take a NRA CCW Student Examination and receive a course completion certificate bearing the signature of the NRA Secretary and your NRA Certified Instructor.

Pistol licensing:

This course is accepted in NY (Westchester, Putnam, Ulster, Orange, Sullivan and other counties) for pistol license applications as the required “Firearm Safety Class.”

Discounted NRA CCW & State of UTAH Concealed Firearm Permit Class:

Take the NRA CCW and State of UTAH Concealed Firearm Permit Class together and receive a $25.00 package discount!


$150.00 per participant

Deposit $50.00 (you will be emailed an on-line payable invoice via Square)

Contact us for class dates or to schedule classes

Class location:

We have our own full time classroom located in the Historic Hat Factory, 1000 North Division Street, Suite 2i, Peekskill, NY 10566-1830

Office, Mobile & Classroom: 914-455-4099


Important Information:

All students must register for class in advance.


All deposits and payments are non-refundable. They however, may be applied to another class within 12 months of the date payment, providing forty-eight (48) hour cancellation notice is made prior to the start of the scheduled class. Classes may be rescheduled one (1) time within the 12 month period.


No live ammunition is permitted in the classroom during any class. We provide secure storage for all ammunition and lawfully carried or possessed firearms during classes 


A valid current government issued photo identification is required. For persons in possession of pistols, valid New York Pistol License or other authority to possess, must be presented at the beginning of class.


All major credit cards are accepted for payments. No personal checks are accepted.

Free license application photographs.

ITAR (International Traffic In Arms Regulations) is a set of Federal regulations generated by the State Department stemming from the Arms Export Control Act of 1976.

ITAR restricts training given to non-US Persons.

US Persons are US citizens (both natural-born, and naturalized immigrants) and Permanent Resident Aliens    

Current NRA policy is:

 “Under federal law, certain non-U.S. citizens are prohibited from participating in this course. Only non-U.S. citizens who are: (1) lawful permanent residents (e.g., green card holders), (2) refugees, or (3) individuals who have been granted asylum may participate in this course.”

By paying for and/or attending classes participants agree that they have read and meet the conditions listed in the DONAHOO-CONSULTING, LLC® "Terms of Attendance & Safety Warnings. 

Extraordinary steps are being taken to ensure the classroom is deep cleaned and sanitized between classes. Information can be found at: